Van-cation of Shred: S.W. Colorado and Utah

When mountain bikers get married, mountain bikers have small weddings so that they can go on BIG mountain biking honeymoons. The big trip meant driving 12-hrs from the home trails of Ashland, Oregon, through the trees and over the desert to Salt Lake City, Utah, where it all started by picking up a completely stocked-for-awesome-times camper van. This rented black beauty would be home for the next 3-weeks while we traveled to trails in Utah and Southwest Colorado – to do nada but ride, ride, ride.


First Spot: Wasatch Crest Trail to Canyons Resort Trails, Park City. Started at Guardsman Pass. A scenic, undulating XC ride with the best at the end when ripping down the Canyons trails.

Wasatch Crest Trail, Park City, UT.
Wasatch Crest Trail, Park City, UT.

Next: Mountain Village Bike Park, Telluride, CO. Best part: lift service DH park that is free!

Some sweet berms.


Then down to Phil’s World in Cortez, CO. People seem to either love this place or find it boring. There is no real elevation gain/loss on this trail network, but it still has some fun flow to it in parts like the pump-tracky Ribcage Trail.

Ribcage, Phil’s Word, Cortez, CO


East to Durango… Oh man, loved this place! We missed out on high-country stuff because of too much rain, but the “town trails” were killer. Absolute favorite: the techy slabs of Snake Charmer.

The beginning of Snake Charmer, oh yes.
The beginning of Snake Charmer, oh yes.
Dalla Mountain Park Trails, Durango
Dalla Mountain Park Trails, Durango


Punchy Durango climbs = PAIN!!
Punchy Durango climbs = PAIN!!

Hartman Rock Trails, Gunnison, CO. It was a drag that the Crested Butte trails were way to wet to ride, but Hartman Rock Trails near “Gunni” were awesome – just wished they were longer!

Hartman Rock Trails, Gunnison, CO
Hartman Rock Trails, Gunnison, CO

Next: Lunch Loops, Grand Junction, CO. Are you practiced in the art of mountain bike wizardry?…because some of these trails will give you a new meaning to “technical up’s”. My favorite part: finding a UFO crash site!

UFO Crash Site on Lunch Loops!

Kokopelli Trails and 18 Road, Fruita, CO. Oh my, 18-Road is gooood times. For not a lot of vert (600′) these trails have mad flow.

Joe’s Ridge, 18 Road Trails, Fruita, CO
Jumpy Time. Mojo Trail, 18 Road, Fruita, CO

And for the finale: MOAB! We spent the most time here because there is just so much to ride. We lucked out our first day and barely made the window for the Whole Enchilada. The next day it closed. Mag 7 was great, Amasa Back is a classic favorite, Captain Ahab was super fun, multiple laps on Porcupine Rim cuz I love that puzzle of a trail, and the list goes on…

Canadians: Are these people ever not stoked? Whole Enchilada shuttle, Moab, UT
Burro Pass Is For Lovers. La Sal Mtns, Moab, UT. The Whole Enchilada starts from the shuttle drop at ele. 10,000′ to pedaling the hardest 1,000′ ft of your life up to Burro Pass (ele. 11,150′) and rips down to the Colorado River at ele. 4,000′. Alpine forest to aspen groves to chaparral to red rock desert. One word: AMAZING.
Nearing the bottom of Porcupine Rim. One of my all time favorite trails. Moab, UT
Everyday was about starting early to beat the afternoon monsoon rains. Moab, UT
Special places are at the end of a double rainbow. Moab UT