SUCCESS! Irwin Cycles Hosts Amazing Devinci Womens Weekend – Las Vegas, NV

If you hadn’t heard of Irwin Cycles in Las Vegas before, it could be because they are one of the newest bicycle shops in town. Located an easy warm-up distance to the main trailhead of Bears Best, Irwin Cycles celebrated their one year anniversary, just last week. Owned and operated by Lifan and her husband Carl Irwin, the shop is warm, welcoming and is stocked with the favorite products that both Lifan and Carl prefer to use for cycling. One of these products is Devinci bicycles, and with Shine’s Devinci Womens Weekend Tour,  this common ground is where we all came to meet.  The Womens Weekend at Irwin Cycles included an evening of socializing, a Ladies No-Drop MTB Ride, and a FUNdamental Skills Clinic. A selection of Devinci Mountain Bike Demos were available to rent for the rides and were included in registration for the skills clinic. In addition to the Shine demo fleet, Irwin Cycles also has a great selection of Devinci demos to rent at anytime.  Overall the weekend was a success, bringing many women together in one great bike shop.

Shine Goes Green! 2015 Devinci Womens Weekends Tour is rolling, Shine Gravity Race Team will be supported by Auburn Bike Co.

Perhaps you have noticed that there has been loads of green in our Instagram photos, our Facbook avatar, on the new website, and the 2015 Shine Gravity Race Team official Jersey. What does going green mean to Shine? While we have always been grassroots to the core, with sustainability and environmental conservation main concerns, for Shine in 2015, green means new growth. It means new potential, new programs, and new partnerships. Think strong pine tree with new little needles!