Shredly 2014 – Look Good, Feel Good, Shred Good

Shredly is a woman owned and operated mountain bike apparel company based in Colorado. Founded by rider Ashley Rankin, Shredly offers apparel that looks good, feels good, and shreds good. Check out the new 2014 line-up, the Shredly story, Ashley’s bio, and how she got Shredly started. Don’t forget to click through to the site to look at all the great colors and styles. Shred on!

The Shredly Story

So here’s the story. Mountain biking is awesome, but the selection of riding apparel for women is not. It has a terrible case of the B’s – black, boring, baggy, and to be honest, still looks like its made for the boys. Women are rad and there’s no reason why they can’t look good and feel good when they’re tearing up the single track. Furthermore, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be possible to buy gear that can cross over into all the other sports that women love.

So we bring to you the SHREDLY Trifecta: performance + comfort + style, offering a multi-sport line of women’s apparel infused with vibrant colors, innovative designs, and practical attributes like lightweight, yet durable, fabrics with quick-dry properties. SHREDLY was created to bring a burst of fresh style into the world of women’s athletics while maintaining technical product performance. We truly believe in our mantra:  Look good. Feel good. Shred good.

Made in the USA

SHREDLY has committed to supporting our domestic economy and all of our products are proudly made in the USA. We hope you are just as stoked as we are to get a homegrown product.

Meet the Founder, Ashley Rankin

A Colorado native with a passion for the outdoors who spent her childhood riding bikes, playing in the dirt and exploring the wild wild west with her siblings and the best four legged pal you could ask for. It also wasn’t a rare occasion that she did all of this with crimped hair, painted nails, and carefully paired outfits. So it made perfect sense that Rankin was naturally drawn to sports that spice things up with a little bit of color and design – something she always knew was missing from the sport of mountain biking. Enter SHREDLY. Thoughtfully engineered apparel that crosses over into all women’s athletic endeavors…not just cycling. Rankin is excited to offer women a one-stop shop for multi-sport apparel that is not only insanely functional but incredibly good looking.

How Shredly Got Started

Our intro into the market was through Kickstarter where we crowd sourced to raise a large portion of the capital necessary for our very first production run. It was a frickin’ rad experience and everyone that supported us can pat themselves on the back knowing that they helped get SHREDLY out there. Click here to view our funded project and see where we very first began! We still can’t thank all of our supporters enough and remain eternally grateful for all that believed in and supported SHREDLY!

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