Shine Goes Green! 2015 Devinci Womens Weekends Tour is rolling, Shine Gravity Race Team will be supported by Auburn Bike Co.

Perhaps you have noticed that there has been loads of green in our Instagram photos, our Facbook avatar, on the new website, and the 2015 Shine Gravity Race Team official Jersey. What does going green mean to Shine? While we have always been grassroots to the core, with sustainability and environmental conservation main concerns, for Shine in 2015, green means new growth. It means new potential, new programs, and new partnerships. Think strong pine tree with new little needles!

Shine’s 2013 Gravity Race Team poses in fresh Loeka Kits and Kali Lids in the Auburn Bike Co Orchard Bike Park


First on the list of new growth, with certainly the most importance is the addition of several Juniors to our Race Team. In the past seasons the ages of our Gravity Race Team members ranged from 13 to 43 and included mostly professionals with a few experts. While we still look forward to inspiring contributions and event appearances from Robyn Embry, Andrea Napoli, Lauren Gregg, Allison Oliver, Joh Rathbun, and Gretchen Johnson, our support and resources will be focused on a program that supports the youth. Why? Because junior racers are our future. Supporting the next generation, is an imparative step in securing a bright future for womens gravity mountain biking. Along with retention of current riders, new riders must be introduced. And by starting early, these young ladies have more time to collect experiences to prepare them for bigger things. Lindsay Beth Currier will manage and coach the team on skills, with Auburn Bike Company as a home base. Together the team will compete at the local Prairie City Races and Sea Otter Classic. A portion of the team will compete over the winter at the Bootleg Canyon Gravity Series, and throughout the summer at the California Enduro Series, and accessible stops of the USA Cycling Pro GRT Tour.  You can see the whole race calendar on the team page.

A mock-up of the 2015 Shine Gravity Race Team Official Jersey, being designed and send by Kenetic!
A mock-up of the 2015 Shine Gravity Race Team Official Jersey, being designed and send by Kenetic!



To make this all possible Auburn Bike Co has stepped up to support Shine in a big way. For the past 2 years, ABC has hosted Shine’s Season Kick-Off Parties, Ladies No-Drop MTB Rides, and many Shine Skills Clinics, providing a space to coach skills, meet for rides, hang out, and mechanical help for students. This year the team looks forward to ABC’s support in mechanical service, and also to purchase a brand new Devinci mountain bike at special team pricing. The team will also have an opportunity to dial in bike fit, set-up, and try the shops computrainers, under the expert guidance of shop owner Curtis Christensen. These extra pieces of support are crucial to maximizing each athletes physical potential, and also to assist in the prevention of injury. Together with Lindsay’s skills coaching, the riders will have all of the support they need to not only have fun, but to set records for personal bests.

Auburn Bike Co. owner Curtis is often working late in the shop, ensuring everyones dream builds and repairs are rolling for trail enjoyment. We are so grateful for all of Curtis’s help and support in the past and his generosity for this season.


Samantha Kingshill

Samantha Kingshill, now 15, who competed for Shine in 2013 and 2014, will again be sporting a Shine race jersey, designed and sewn by local company Kenetic. Sam had a hard start to 2014, busting a collarbone on her first run of practice at the Nevada State DH Championships. While missing the remainder of the Bootleg Canyon Winter Gravity Series, Sam did not let this injury hold her back from an incredible season. Check out her great re-caps about Nationals at Angel Fire, Northstar Livewire Classic and the Kamikaze Bike Games! Sam will have the busiest race schedule, with a goal to get to as many Pro GRT races as she can. With only a few years of high school left, Sam has dreams of enrolling in college with a concentration in Science and of course to obtain her ultimate goal, to race the UCI World Cup.

Emily Harris

Emily Harris, an accomplished BMX champion, and 2013 Shine Skills School Alumni, will compete for Shine for gravity races. Emily won the 2014 DualSlalom & Downhill at Sea Otter for her category, and is excited to focus on Enduro events for Shine this season. Emily is also a member of Cycling Devolpment, a high school team with a focus on cross country racing. Along with school and other sports, this will keep Emily super busy but also provide a well rounded training program and a chance to work with many other athletes.


Monster B

Monster B, the youngest member of the pack, and also an accomplished BMX racer will compete with Shine for the beginning of the season, through the Prairie City Races and finishing up with Sea Otter. Weighing in at barely 60 lbs and only 9 years old, B has her sights set on hitting bigger gap jumps, going pro and perhaps one day becoming a tester for the mountain bike industry.



In addition to the Junior Racers, Lindsay has begun the 2015 Devinci Womens Weekends Tour, bringing the spirit of Shine to Devinci Dealer locations in the Pacific and Desert Southwest areas for the first half of 2015. These weekends include an evening of Socializing, a Ladies No-Drop MTB Ride, and a FUNdamental Skills Clinic. A selection of Devinci Mountain Bike Demos will be available to rent for the rides and are included in your skills clinic registration. Shine travels with a few Troy & Spartan models and will have access to additional demos at select dealer locations. These new 650b trail and enduro mountain bikes perform well in a variety of terrain.



At the Shine Social, Lindsay will provide a Trailside Flat Fix lesson and be available to answer all of your questions about Shine. Each location will have a different twist of the Social, reflecting the vibe of the host shop. These evenings are a great opportunity to meet other female mountain bikers, get to know your local shop, see the new Devinci Mountain Bikes and meet Lindsay.

Shine Socials are a great way to get to know your local Devinci Dealer AND meet local mountain biking ladies to ride with! Here’s a shot from Auburn Bike Co.

SATURDAYS: Ladies No-Drop MTB Rides

The Ladies No-Drop MTB Rides are held on trails that are in close proximity to the host Dealers location and are appropriate for all abilities. Freshly prepared hot Guayaki Yerba Mate will be available in the morning to energize riders before hitting the trails for a fun and encouraging ride. These rides are an excellent way to find other women to ride with and check out your local trails.  Devinci mountain bike demos will be available to rent for the ride.

2015 Devinci Spartan
The 2015 Devinci Spartan is one of our favorite Enduro bikes! With the capability of tackling rowdy downhills as well, this is an All Mountain Machine!

SUNDAYS: FUNdamental Skills Clinic

The FUNdamental Skills Clinic is the first step in skills coaching in the Shine Mountain Bike Skills School and promises to give riders the basic skills they need to stay safe and have more fun on their mountain bikes. Over the course of 6 hours, riders will work on everything from mountain bike anatomy and function, to body position, braking and cornering techniques and how to navigate over small obstacles.  Skills clinic registration includes a Devinci mountain bike demo to ensure the best learning experience possible!

Lindsay coaching FUNdamentals at the 2012 SF Bike Expo
Lindsay coaching FUNdamentals at the 2012 SF Bike Expo


While the Socials and Rides are free, riders must pre-register for the Skills Clinic if they wish to join. Lindsay will also be available for private instruction while in the host Dealers location.

If you would like to apply to join or support the team, or request a Devinci Womens Weekend at your location, please contact us today!

Show your support with the 2015 Shine Trail Jersey, custom designed and sewn by Kenetic!



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