Samantha Kingshill hits the “Bender Sender” at Bootleg Canyon

My experience hitting the Bender Sender was crazy. It was amazing and loved every bit of it. I knew this was something I wanted to hit ever since I first saw it. I felt like this was my first step to competing in Red Bull Rampage. I wanted to follow some one into it, because I’ve never hit a road gap that big at all. I knew deep inside I had it….although I still had those little voices haunting me. I was nervous at first because I felt like I was pushing my luck. I had already cleaned “poop chute” on the downhill course and I didn’t wanted to destroy my self with the jump. After I cleared my mind I was confident and ready to hit it. Luckily, 16 year old Lorin Whitaker was glad to hit the Bender Sender with me. Sitting at the top of the hill I knew this was a jump that I had to stay committed to. Not a problem. Once I decided to go, I went and didn’t stop. Lorin and I pedaled as fast as we could and hit the jump. Once I was in the air I could feel my stomach turn. Then I hit the landing and made it all the way down. Lorin looked back and shouted throwing his hand in the air. I joined in, I was so excited. I screamed and shouted then came to a stop. I gave Lorin a high five then a hug. I couldn’t process what exactly was happening. All I knew was that I wanted to hit it again. I got to the top shaking again. I got so many high five’s and congrats from all of the people standing around. Lorin and I went back up to hit the jump again and cleared it perfectly. I loved it. By the time we got back up to the top of the hill it was getting dark and they were setting up awards. I figured that, 2 jumps were gonna be it. I stood next to the jump, still trying to process what I had just hit. IT WAS SO FUN!!! I sat there for a minute then squealed like a little girl. I had just hit the Bender Sender! I was super excited and in love with how my weekend went and looking forward to next month.


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