Review of the CycleRest–‘The Better Bike Transport’

The CycleRest is a handy device for those who want to transport their bikes inside the car. “Created for cyclists that prefer to have bikes inside the vehicle,” the device is easy to install and use. There are no tools needed to attach the CycleRest and attaches quickly to the posts of rear headrests in most hatchbacks, SUV’s and wagons. While the back seats need to fold down to use the device, the device makes for easy storage inside the vehicle. I easily attached it to the backseat of a Subaru Outback, and has no deleterious effects when not in use.

The CycleRest came into existence 2 years ago via Keith Sutter. While preparing for a triathlon, he realized that transporting his bike on the outside of his vehicle left it vulnerable to damage. Showing off his prototype to friends, he saw that others coveted it. Doing some research made him realize that there was nothing like it on the market, and the CycleRest was born.

Keeping in mind that serious cyclists are willing to spend thousands of dollars on bikes, the CycleRest crew chose to meet that unmet need–how to keep one’s bike from damage while hauling it around. Driving through blizzards and blistering hot sun are no problem with the CycleRest. Rest assured that your baby will not be injured if you choose a tight parking spot a la San Francisco. And while it can not hold any thru-axles yet, CycleRest has a thru-axle design on the drawing board. So, if you’re not rolling old-school with an quick-release like me, rest assured downhillers, that your $5000 baby will be cradled securely soon in your vehicle! 

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This review is based on a sample provided by Cycle Rest.
Photos Courtesy of Keith Sutter

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  1. I’ve read several reviews about this product. It looks very interesting. One area that doesn’t seem to be addressed is how to get your bike into the vehicle and into the CycleRest quick release. Obviously, with 2 people it shouldn’t be too hard. But how about when your by yourself? I’m not suggesting it’s impossible, just that some review or instruction would be useful. A video of the process would be excellent.

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