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  1. Lindsey…this is so scary! I can’t believe you coached and rode with us on saturday. I loved every minute of that awesome class…I’m going to miss seeing you and laughing through yoga. Speedy recovery! Keep us posted. Much LOVE! -Laura – as in Laughing with Laura 🙂

  2. Hi Lindsay–I’m trying to sign up for Auburn clinic next weekend, but doesn’t seem like site is working. Is there still room? Any other way to sign up?

  3. I’ve read several reviews about this product. It looks very interesting. One area that doesn’t seem to be addressed is how to get your bike into the vehicle and into the CycleRest quick release. Obviously, with 2 people it shouldn’t be too hard. But how about when your by yourself? I’m not suggesting it’s impossible, just that some review or instruction would be useful. A video of the process would be excellent.