Preparing for Sea Otter!!

It’s that time of year again.  Of course you gotta wonder, raincoat? tanktop? mask to keep the sand from going in my mouth?  Seriously, what will you need this year.  One thing is for certain, I will be hanging out at the Sea Otter Classic all weekend and I got something a little shiny up my sleeve…..

Any guesses of what I’m making? Come find me at Sea Otter and I’ll give you one ūüôā

Tips on where to find me:
I know I’m definitely going to check out Ryan Leech’s Yoga.  Its 7am – 8am Fri – Sun.  It’s free and everyone is welcome.  I love Vinyasa Flow and Ryan is a pretty stand up guy so it should be amazing.

For sure I will be spending some time at College Cyclery‘s Pump Park.  They are having a “Rain or Shine Jam” on Friday and Saturday with one of the contests being “Best Whip It”.  This will definitely be the party spot no matter what the weather proves to be.

And of course I will be watching and photographing the pro races all weekend.  Mary will be racing pro in the Dual Slalom on Saturday and Downhill on Sunday.  Come cheer her on and the other amazing ladies too!

Meanwhile, Mary just brought home a ridiculous amount of tires…..

Mary will be heading down to Laguna Seca later today to checkout the changes made to DH the course.  We should hopefully have some pictures and comments later tonight.  In the meantime check out the article below that was just published in the Santa Cruz Sentinel:

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