Making Cash at the Northstar Livewire Classic

The Livewire Classic in Northstar was the 2nd Northstar race I had ever competed in. I honestly now have to say that I love that bike park, it’s just too bad that it costs $50 per person to ride. My whole family rides so it would cost my parents $100-$250. (Wish I had a job to help out) The trail’s there were so fun and flowy. It was definitely a switch from my regular rocky Mammoth Bar trails that I would shuttle in Auburn. The Livewire Classic was the first time I had ever ridden that trail. The way my Ellsworth Method was set up was perfect for the race course: Vigilante tires, DH mallets paired with my FiveTen clipless Cyclone shoes, Loaded handle bars and other components just made my bike handle and rock.

As soon as I got there on Saturday my dad and I did multiple Livewire, Gypsy and parts of Boondock runs. I hit those trails and it felt so fun and natural. I hopped from rock to rock and hit every man-made obstacle there. I loved that I could jumped from corner to corner with the clipless mallets and how light my bike was. My tires hooked up perfectly in the corners with the right amount of rear drifting. When we hit the lower half of Boondocks I hit the first rock and had to slow down because it bounced me off line, but as soon as I got the flow down, the trail was just as easy as the other trails. The thrill I got from riding those trials was amazing and provided a good amount of practice. I could have ridden those trails all day, but thought I must save energy for race day and headed to Coach Masuda’s with my parents for a barbeque dinner.

Race day came and I registered in the Pro Open Women category because I wanted a challenge and I wasn’t bound to USA Cycling rules this race. I was super glad that there were a lot of  ladies to race with. The Pro group was last to drop so I had lots of waiting to do. I grabbed my stuff and said goodbye to my parents, they were off to go fish the truckee river (my sister happens to be an expert fisherwoman). I spent about 20 minutes stretching and waiting then I finally snapped and snuck in with the cat 2 and 3 practice. The trail was at it’s best. I knew going last had it’s toll. We would get the blown out course, but I knew I could handle it and it was just another challenge I gladly accepted.

As soon as cat 1 and Pro practice began I felt well prepared for my race. As we came to the top of the lift we had a very, very good view of the top of the trail and we saw riders drop. One rider was dropping and he over jumped one of the tables-tops on the trail and face planted hard into the ground. The crash took a big delay in the times because the rider had to be flown out. Everyones time was at least an hour and a half set back. It was a longer wait than expected and my energy was dying slowly. I did a bunch of laps up and down part of the mountain and tired myself out, by then I just sat down and took a short nap. I soon woke up and was ready, once they called my name I just felt this burst of energy slowly begin to crawl back to me.

At the last beep I dropped and was off. It was just me and the trail, and the awesome people along the trail cheering us riders on. Everything played out perfectly. I hit the huge step up and step down that towered over people, cleared all the tables, and drifted through turns. I came to one turn where I was at a full slide, the bike underneath me sliding and me pedaling out of the corner. I heard some spectators behind me screaming out ‘Awesome!’ and that was my certain burst of energy, I was floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee. I sprinted out and down all of the other corner’s. I came down to the lower part and almost lost everything there. I hit a tabletop and over jumped, luckily I survived, but sprinted the rest of the way down. I came to the step up and step down and whipped it out for my dad who was standing next to the jump cheering me on.

I crossed the finish line exhausted. I was super excited with how that run went. I was greeted by my dad and Coach Masuda. I didn’t quite know what my time was but I thought they said that I was tied with 5:16. So we got to the bottom and I finally got some food in my stomach. Then we did the long nerve wracking wait. At some point during the wait I decided to go up for the last run for the season. I got my gear back on and headed up for a Gypsy run. It was my favorite trail on the mountain and I rocked everything on that trail. I got to the top and rode to the trail entrance. I began to float and fly over rocks, turns, and jumps.

I came to the bottom just in time for the awards. We all stood there nervous as they came to my catagory. They called up third place, and the time was 5:16 and my dad freaked out, he thought I didn’t make it up there, then they called second and it was me. I had ran a 5:15. I clumsily walked over to the podium and stood on the 2nd place stand. I was given my metal and an envolope. They called up first place and she told me not to lose the envelope because it had money. Inside I was freaking out, I had gotten 2nd place in a Pro race!

As soon as the awards ended my dad, sister and I took Miner to Woods down to the bottom of the mountain and it was a blast all though at the end of the ride. We got to the car and loaded bikes. I opened the envolope and I saw $120 staring back at me, that was the most money I had ever gotten at a race. I made a deal with my dad that I kept $20 and he got the rest, but he owed me a season pass next year to Northstar. Soon my mom and Bo got down and we all piled in the car and left for dinner.