July 27 – Shine Santa Cruz Monthly Ride Is a Roots & Ruts Clinic

Santa Cruz, CA – Announcing Shine Santa Cruz’s monthly ride on Sunday, the 27thof July. Shine Riders Company strives to: illuminate and inspire female mountain bikers, create opportunities in the bike industry for them, and to connect members with others in the ever-growing Women’s Freeride Movement. Whether you are a racer, freerider, coach, photographer, writer, film-maker, weekend warrior, newbie, or just checkin’ out nature, Shine Riders resonates with your luminescence.

Partnering with Joh Rathbun—a freelance action sports writer and pro downhiller with almost 20 years of mountain biking experience—Shine is bringing you a casual clinic—Roots & Ruts. Hosted on the Emma McCrary Trail (EMT) and U-Conn, you will learn how to sail, not flail, through both roots and ruts found on singletrack.

Joh Rathbun said, “These days, I consider the EMT my home trail, so I’m stoked to bring the ladies back out there!” While this is an any-age and most-abilities ride, please be aware that these are public trails, and will be heavily used on any given Sunday. As such, we’ll be stopping not just to session, but to watch how others tackle difficult roots and ruts. Also keep in mind that there are a lot of illegal trails beyond U-Conn. As such, the clinic will only be on the EMT and U-Coon. 

Lastly, please bring enough water & food for the day and necessary accouterments as needed. Helmets and flat pedals are required, and knee pads and elbow guards are suggested. This is a no-drop ride, with the emphasis on having fun. So be prepared to have fun in a low-pressure yet boisterous ride with Shine.  We hope to see you then!

View Meet-up Time, Location & RSVP at: http://www.meetup.com/Shine-Santa-Cruz/

Riders: LBC, Penny Vaughn, Donna Riggs, (Dave Smith), Jamie Shrreeve, Amanda Borden, Inga Beck, Paula Santerior, Diana Bauer, Joh Rathbun

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