Introducing……… Mary “the hammer” Moncorge!!

A little interview with Santa Cruz Alliance’s one and only Mary Moncorge:
photo credit: Patrick Branch

shine:  Where did you come from?
MM:  I’m from Normandy – France. Grew up in a place where there are more horses and cows than people 

shine:  How did you get here?
MM:  I came first  for school (7 years ago) in Wyoming. I decided to stay for a boy and get a job in the US – it didn’t work out with the boy but I kept my job and finally moved to Santa Cruz.

shine:  How long have you been riding?
MM:  It will be 3 years next month that i’ve been riding ) 1st XC and i move to DH 1.5 years ago. I rode my first dual crown in June 2010.

shine:  How did you get into mountain biking?
MM:  Same boy I move accross an ocean and left my family behind: I wanted us to have a common activity and MTB looked pretty rad and thought it could satisfy my adrenaine rush. I got my rush but my ex couldn’t stand the fact that after only 1 month of riding a bike I was way faster than he was.

shine: What was your first mountain bike?
MM:  Santa Cruz Juliana – I nicknamed it snow white
shine:  Current downhill race rig?
MM:  Santa Cruz V10 carbon, powered by Sram – 35lbs of goodness 

shine:  Where will you be racing this year?
MM:  Racing the Pro GRTs, some Northstar races
I’m also trying to qualify for a couple of the World Cups on the east coast – if not, I’ll go to Master World Champ’s (as i’m turning old this year) 

shine:  You’re on a really cool team called the Santa Cruz Alliance.  How did you make that happen?
MM:  Last summer Michael Town had the idea to regroup some local Santa Cruz Bikes sponsored riders as well as some promising local riders under one roof. Michael offered me a spot on the team and with my background in marketing he asked me to take care of that aspect to go after sponsors.

shine:  Why are you called “the hammer”?
MM:  Haha. It started when I met Josh Bender: he nicknamed the hammer because I like to build stuff. Then my housemate distorted the first meaning of it because I break stuff that are not suppose to break and also because I’m a masher on a bike  
shine: goals for the season?
MM:  Stay out of the ER – I went 3 times last year. But more seriously, as it’s my first season pro, I want to get a top 3 at a Pro GRT races. I’m planning to go to Brazil for Master World Champs (as I’m turning old this year) 

shine:  Plans for next year?
MM:  I’m trying to get UCI points and enough racing experience to go do a couple World Cups and if I’ve enough time, I’d like to do the European championship 

shine:  Advice for girls trying to go pro?
MM:  Training, ride as diversly a possible and most importantly enjoy every bit of it.

shine:  Dream ride?
MM:  A place? New Zealand but closer to where I live it would be Gooseberry Mesa – I love that place

shine:  Favorite foods:
MM:  Hmmm, I’ve a pretty bad sweet tooth but I love a good salad with a bunch of veggies, goat cheese and poached eggs 

shine:  Worst injury?
MM:  When I was 13 I broke my arm in 2 places and it moved at a 90° angle. They cast me on the hematoma: my arm moved in the cast and didn’t heal straight. After a month, they had to rebreak my arm. I spent over 4 month in a cast and wasn’t allowed to do any sport for almost a year. It was the worst time  

shine:  Best bruise picture?
MM:  I need to take a pic of my leg… 
shine: Yes you best get on that 🙂
shine:  Who are your sponsors:
MM:  Santa Cruz Bikes, Sram, Rockshox, Truvativ, Avid, Gopro, Time, Bertoni eyewares, Hutchinson, Azonic, TLD

shine:  Highlights of race results:
MM:  For this Season: I won the 3 first Bailey Bike Park DS races, I took 8th at the Pro GRT in Port Angeles, I took 8th at Sea Otter

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