team mug shot: Left to right, top: Robyn Embrey, Andrea Napoli, contributor Kirstie Douglass
bottom: Allison Oliver, Lindsay Beth Currier, Samantha Kingshill
photo: Chris Demere
Hi! We are the Shine Gravity Race Team! Our team is composed of five female riders centered in the Northern California region. We have a great mix of professional, category 1, and junior racers. Our goal is to spread the Shine mission statement to "illuminate and inspire" through our strength, honor, integrity and determination. We are supportive and encouraging of our female competitors while maintaining a sharp focus on reaching each of our potentials. We will strive to race as many of the USA Cycling Pro GRTs, along with a mix of regional races, enduros, and freeride contests.  We are proudly and gratefully supported by these fine sponsors:

Guayaki Yerba Mate




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Our portfolio

Shine has been featured in Decline, Dirt Rag, Cycle California, the Santa Cruz Metro, and the Granby Drummer. Someday when there's more time we will have links to all of those fine things.