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Visitors:Shine does not collect information from not logged in visitors interacting with the site. A cookie and ip address may be tracked to allow technology to better the visitor experience during a session. Session data is cleared when a browser is closed.Members:Individuals may register for FREE membership with Shine providing a deeper community experience. To register, members must provide some personal information.

  • Your email address is NEVER EVER shared
  • Age, gender, and IP information may be used to provide information for future improvements to the website
  • Your profile is public to visitors (so be mindful in how.what you share!)
  • You may delete your profile and/or content, COMPLETELY at any time, if you please (this isn't facebook)

Images and Video:Shine members can share photos, videos, and more.

  • Your images and photos are public, for any visitor or member to see
  • You may delete or remove your uploaded media and content at any time if you choose to no longer share it
  • Members may only upload their own images and video, or those they have the copyright to

Newsletter:Periodically Shine may send out a newsletter style email to alert members to upcoming events, new products, and new content on the website.Members can opt out from newsletter communication at anytimeThird-party Advertisers:Currently we operate our ads manually so no third-party action takes place! 

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Our portfolio

Shine has been featured in Decline, Dirt Rag, Cycle California, the Santa Cruz Metro, and the Granby Drummer. Someday when there's more time we will have links to all of those fine things.