Juice Plus+ and The Athlete: Reach Your Full Potental with Whole Nutrition!


Athletes recognize and understand the many health benefits of regular exercise, including increased lean muscle mass, improved bone density, better flexibility and aerobic and anaerobic capacity.  However, a significant detrimental result of exercise is oxidative stress (exercise induced free radical damage).  To reach their goals, athletes put their bodies under extreme oxidative stress with day-to-day training and athletic events.  When the body is inundated with oxidative stress, it is prone to illness, injury, and impacts ongoing training capability.  It’s important for athletes to neutralize the damage of oxidative stress and this can best be accomplished through optimal nutrition.   Optimal nutrition - eating what we were designed to eat, speeds physical recovery, decreases inflammation, and helps prevent disease.

Muscle cells are an all or nothing contributor, working at a full 100% or not at all.  The cells in your body, especially muscle cells, will only perform if a maximal amount of oxygen is delivered to the cell thru the Circulatory (blood) System and, the cell itself is healthy enough to fully absorb this oxygen.  For cells to grow, function, and recover at their full capability, they require optimal, high dense nutrition.

The best way for athletes to get this high dense nutrition for performance and recovery is from fruits and vegetables.  The USDA recommends 7-13 servings of fruit and vegetables every day for people who are sedentary.   For anyone training over 90 minutes each day, Dr. David Phillips (M.D., Sports Medicine) recommends 16-19 servings of fruits and vegetables.   We are designed to consume a wide variety of fruits and vegetables; a rainbow of colors.  Juice Plus+ delivers a full spectrum of optimal fruit and vegetable nutrition, bridging the gap between good and great nutrition.

Juice Plus+ is a whole food nutritional solution containing 17 of the most nutrient dense fruits, vegetables, and two grains in a powdered and concentrated form.  Non-GMO fruits and vegetables are picked vine ripened, juiced raw, and encapsulated.  During the juicing process sodium and sugars are removed, for those with Diabetes or High Blood Pressure. Being juiced raw and dried at low temperatures maintains the highest possible levels of nutritional impact.  Each batch of Juice Plus+ is tested 6 times throughout the process to ensure there are no herbicides, pesticides, and heavy metals present, if any are found the batch is thrown out.  Juice Plus+ is also Kosher, Gluten Free and NSF Certified.  Juice Plus+ is natural food, labeled as such - like on a bag of apples or spinach, it is not an engineered or manufactured supplement.  

Thousands of successful athletes eat and recommend the whole food nutritional solution, Juice Plus+.  Juice Plus+ is the #1 researched nutritional product in the world, with over 29 Independent research studies, showing exemplary results.   These studies are Gold Standard, randomized, double blind, placebo controlled, research studies conducted at leading hospitals and universities around the world, and published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.  

Three Olympic Teams incorporate Juice Plus+ as their full nutrition solution for their Entire Olympic Teams!  Increased energy levels and endurance, reduced inflammation, and decreased recovery time are among key feedback points for Juice Plus+ athletes.  Studies on athletes eating Juice Plus+ show DNA/cell repair up 66%, blood antioxidant level up 500%, improved immune functions up 200-400%, improved cardio-vascular health 62%.  

David Gardiner AUS - Sailing and XC Mountain biking

“If you don’t look after your body with the correct nutrition, including fruits and vegetables you cannot conquer mountains”

"I have always been into keeping my body fit and healthy, when Juice Plus+® was introduced to me, I thought immediately that it just made sense. I knew it would make a difference; I just didn’t realize how great that difference would be. Juice Plus+® is an amazing product that works. Juice Plus+® has given me the extra energy I have been searching for, and the speed of recovery after long and strenuous rides has been amazing. It has given me a new focus for training for State and National level Mountain biking. In simple terms, since I started taking Juice PLUS+® I feel great!”

All of the German, Austrian and Switzerland Olympic Teams eat Juice Plus+.   Juice Plus+ is also certified for Professional Sports use with the NSF Sport Seal of approval.

Here is an easy way to look at it.  Dr. David Phillips (Sports Medicine/Ironman Triathlete) gives us the example, “imagine a bike, the front tire is your nutrition and the back tire is your fitness.  If either tire is flat, you are not going to go anywhere”.   If you want to be healthy and successful in your sport, it is imperative to be balanced.  There is no way an athlete can perform to their best potential without a great diet.  Training should not be the only focus of an athlete.  They must also look at nutrition.

Protecting and optimizing cellular health is essential for peak athletic performance.”  David B. Phillips. M.D. – Ironman Triathlete

By Sharon Molleur

Juice Plus+ Educator


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