I LOVE My GoalZero Nomad & What’s in my Dakine pack?

I am trying to start using Strava again. My biggest challenge with Strava has always been keeping my phone charged, but with recent sunny days and my GoalZero Nomad I can charge my iphone, my GoPro AND my headlamp batteries all at once, WHILE I’M RIDING. Pretty cool right? BTW I’ve had this GoalZero for over 2 years. Pretty durable hey? Considering I use it nearly daily… Thats a lot of hours!
A lot of peeps also ask me what I keep in my pack. It is usually full to the brim for coaching and guiding. Here are a few favorites… My little Strava phone pouch, JustMTBNZ.com brochure (alwaysdreaming), Guayaki energy shots, YeloVelo chain lube, and College Cyclery patch kit.  I keep this all secured with lots of fresh water in my Dakine Nomad pack. Also pictured is my new Kali Avita Enduro specific helmet, Smith Optics Pivlock sunglasses, Dakine gloves, and a well loved pair of Five Ten Freeriders (my Crank Bros pedals are currently broken and my seatpost is too short to really sit and spin right now…)  Just waiting for my birthday for that sweet Gravity Dropper


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