How to create and lead Womens Mountain Bike Group Rides

Let’s face it, there’s nothing better than riding with a rad group of female mountain bikers.   Whether you are looking to share the experience of mountain biking with others, explore a new trail, or push your fitness and skills in the company of others, a group ride with other females is your hot ticket to mountain biking enjoyment.  However, while the numbers of women mountain biking continues to grow steadily, there still remains a lack of group rides for everyone to enjoy.  Different work schedules, fitness levels, skill levels, locality, and perceived definitions of  fun and enjoyment are different from women to women.   This is what makes us all cool and unique. This is why we hands down need MORE WOMENS MOUNTAIN BIKE RIDES.  This is why I am going to tell you how to get started!

Why you NEED Mountain Bike Skills Coaching

from IMBA ICP coach Lindsay Beth Currier I didn’t always think I needed skills coaching for mountain biking.  Having started out riding at a very young age, and growing up living, breathing, and dreaming mountain biking, I thought I already had all of the skills I needed to emulate the amazing feats of freeriders and downhillers I had seen from the sides of race courses and in the VHS tapes (those are videos kids!).  Besides, I had all the guys at the bike shop to tell me how to ride, right?  Around the age of 16, I really thought I knew everything.  Just send it was my moto.  I would just keep practicing and trying, over and over again.  I broke my collar bone, chipped a tooth or two, bit my tongue, knocked myself out, permanently damaged my beautiful knees and elbows…  But I just didn’t care. No pain no gain right?