I LOVE My GoalZero Nomad & What’s in my Dakine pack?

I am trying to start using Strava again. My biggest challenge with Strava has always been keeping my phone charged, but with recent sunny days and my GoalZero Nomad I can charge my iphone, my GoPro AND my headlamp batteries all at once, WHILE I’M RIDING. Pretty cool right? BTW I’ve had this GoalZero for over 2 years. Pretty durable hey? Considering I use it nearly daily… Thats a lot of hours!

Yoga, Knowledge, Tea & Skills (Spring 2014) Re-Cap

Because we did not recieve enough interest for the April Peru trip, I decided to finally launch my 6-week Mountain Biking Training Program: Yoga, Knowledge, Tea & Skills and cram it in between Sea Otter Classic and our Shine Ladie’s Downieville Trip.  The class is geared towards beginners or those who wish to have a bit of all-inclusive-guidance into entering the world of mountain biking.  I listed the class as co-ed, but I think the yoga threw off the dudes and we have a nice group of 4 women.  We meet each Saturday at Auburn Bike Company for four hours, and begin each day with yoga and fresh brewed  Guayaki Yerba Mate.  After we check in with our breath awareness and get all relaxed its time for mountain bike knowledge.  The first week we covered mountain bike anatomy and set-up.  One of our students showed up with a bike anatomy t-shirt, which proves that synchronicity and manifestation powers are still following me closely (its pretty bad when I think about flat tires).