Andrea Napoli Crushes the Ashland Stop of the 2014 Oregon Enduro Series

On Sunday, August 24th, the Oregon Enduro Series, a proud partner of the North American Enduro Tour, made it’s fourth stop in Ashland, Orgeon.  Mt A, a historic and well known Super D and Enduro venue, provided an exciting course, descending 5.5k ft from top to finish, through technical and rocky, to smooth and speedy sections of single and double track.  Beginning at an elevation of about 7000 feet, the race ended in Lithia Park, 1.4 miles from downtown, creating an exceptional location to cheer, heckle, and warmly welcome racers as they finish.

Andrea Napoli, a long time Shine rider, teammate, and coach, took first for the Pro Womens category.  With a time just over 57 seconds less than the second place pro female, its clear that Andrea has been training, riding, and loving her new life in Ashland.  Keeping Andrea company in the Pro Womens category were Rebekah Rottenberg, Carolynn Romain, Kimberly Becker, and Adele Mery.


Results from all female categories are listed below.  More information about the Ashland stop of the Oregon Enduro Series, along with official results can be found here.

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Pro Women:

Rank Last First Total Time
1 Napoli Andrea 2379.2
2 Rottenberg Rebekah 2436.23
3 Romaine Carolynn 2460.82
4 Becker Kimberly 2833.96
5 Mery Adele DNF

Expert Women:

Rank Last First Total Time
1 Ogden Laura 2394.88
2 Lenz Patricia 2520.11
3 Hollatz Nikki 2557.6
4 Dolney Nicole 2571.72
5 Kohlwey Amanda 2601.52
6 cheeney anne 2654.7
7 Daniel Lauren 2670.7
8 Wright Stephanie 2847.93
9 Armesto Stephanie 2853.24

Sport Women (35+):

Rank Last First Total Time
1 Bothe Elaine 2636.28
2 Josefczyk Amy 2706.43
3 Pola Heather 2770.98
4 Diklic Ranka DNS

Sport Women (34 and under):

Rank Last First Total Time
1 Smith Bailey 2602.51
2 Freibrun Elli 2666.35
3 Bergemann Hannah 2738.19
4 Jones Rachel DNF

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