2014 SF Bike Expo Shine Ladies Mountain Bike Skills School

The SF Bike Expo has grown and changed so much over the years.  My first personal attendance was in 2005, when it was the Velo Swap, after moving most of the bike shop I used to help run in Connecticut across the country in a rushed California dream.  My good friend, and the old owner of that shop, needed to unload his inventory, and it was an excellent place to do so.  The swap was also a great place to meet other cyclists in my new home, Northern California.

Flash forward a few years, and the event evolved into more than I could ever imagine.  With additions like AT’s Showdown, Cyclocross, Scraper Bikes, BMX stunt teams, and even more than I can describe here, rideSFO took the VeloSwap and morphed it into the most excellent bike industry event for the people of Northern California.  Bringing together recreationalists and racers.  Consumers and business owners.  The Expo is now an event you should be sad to miss. Very sad!

Kat Sweet jumps over a crew of ladies at the 2012 SF Bike Expo Shine Ladies Jump Jam photo: Shane McKenzie
Kat Sweet jumps over a crew of ladies at the 2012 SF Bike Expo Shine Ladies Jump Jam photo: Shane McKenzie

In 2011, Shine hosted a Ladies Jump Jam in conjunction with that years expo.  The event turn-out and results were great enough that we traveled back to SF in 2012 to host not only a Jump Jam but a Freeride and Basic Skills clinic for the ladies.  With over 30 participants, we knew the Shine Ladies Jump Jam and Clinic should be an annual occurrence, lined right up with the SF Bike Expo!  Last year, in 2013, my boyfriend and I settled into a nice 20 acre parcel, off the grid,  in the Sierra Foothills.  Although this is not unfortunate at all, adjusting to those life changes, I was unable to create an event at the Expo that year.  At the same time, the SF Expo had decided to scale down the weekend to one day, and just provide the venue, atmosphere, and amazing network for a great swap.

We’re stoked to say that this year (2014),  Shine will be back again to participate in the fun, have a booth at the Expo on Saturday, AND provide more mountain bike skills education for the ladies.  Equipped with Devinci demos for lucky students, Shine will head up to Camp Tamarancho to provide both FUNdamental and Pump & Jump Skills Clinics over the weekend.  These demos are in limited quantities, but not to worry because it sound like a fleet of Bicycle Fabrication Pocket Rockets should be available for riding as well.

Weekend Schedule:

Friday, November 21st
9AM FUNdamental Skills Clinic
@ Camp Tamarancho

Saturday, November 22nd
11AM SF Bike Expo
@ the Cow Palace

Sunday, November 30th
9AM Pump & Jump Clinic
@ Camp Tamarancho