Inspiring Interview: 15 year old Samantha Kingshill

What is your FIRST mountain bike memory?
My first mountain bike memory was when I first got a mountain bike on my 7th birthday, my dad took me out to Auburn State Rec. Area and we rode culvert/tunnel trail to confluence trail. I crashed and tumbled down a cliff. Luckily I landed on a rock ledge and my dad was able to pull me up. Then I went back up to hit the line again and made it out alive.

Who do you ride with the most?
I ride the most with my dad and family or my coach, Michael Masuda.
What professional freerider (any gender) inspires you the most and why?
My favorite professional freerider is Gee Atherton, I love all 3 Athertons and it’s very hard to pick between the 3 because they are all awesome, but I think Gee is my favorite because he does both freeriding and races World Cup Downhill
What is the biggest feature you have hit so far and what was it like?
The biggest road gap I hit was the Bender Sender and the biggest table top I hit was a line on Candy Land in Angel Fire bike park. I think for hitting both I was in the air for an equal amount of time.

 Why do you like gravity mountain bike racing?
I like to be able to travel places, ride new courses, and meet new people. I like the competition, the people there, and the events.
What are your biggest challenges with racing?
Paying for the cost to travel, race, and pay for any damages done to my bike.

If you get scared or nervous at a race, what do u do to overcome it?
If I can find some one to follow down a sketchy line then I feel 10 times better and more confident.

What are your dreams for your future (school, MTB, anything)?
In the future I have a lot of things I’d love to do, like; climb K2 and not die, travel the world with my bicycle, and ride the Redbull Hardline. I would also love to go to a college that has amazing science programs. I want to compete in events like Redbull Rampage and race world cups. I also want to learn how to do a no hander front flip and meet the nitro circus group and countless other awesome mountain bike and freeriders.Words of advice for other girls who want to try mountain biking?
I know it may be scary at first, but it’s a super fun sport that needs more lady riders!!!!


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